Space Prep:

A Service of All Points Logistics, LLC

Space Prep is one of the first multi-user services to fulfill the growing need for pre-launch ground support services and infrastructure. Launching as a new line of business in 2022, Space Prep provides a comprehensive suite of launch support services and more efficient business processes than any other available in today’s market.

All Points’ Offerings

All Points utilized the company’s successful organizational architecture, management team, advisory board, and processes to develop and operate the new space launch support business known as Space Prep. All Points and its partners offer a full spectrum of operations and logistics services to the space industry, supported by up-to-the-minute information technology systems.

About All Points Logistics, LLC

About All Points Logistics, LLC

Dedicated to building the preeminent firm in engineering and technical services, space systems and operations, information technology, integrated logistics, warfighter, and mission support, we deliver the highest-quality, custom-designed products and services to all our government and commercial clients. Our efforts range from short-notice tasks to long-term projects, often fulfilling special requests while complying with mission-critical constraints.

All Points Logistics, LLC is a privately held firm incorporated in Florida. The company was founded in 1997 to provide IT and logistics services to federal space agencies and has offices in Huntsville, Alabama, Houston, Texas, and Reston, Virginia.