Space Prep Operations Control Centers (OCC)

The OCC provides a safe and secure environment for customer personnel to test, control and monitor spacecraft and launch operations at the launch site. OCC control rooms accommodate up to 12 console workstations and provide data, voice, and video connectivity to processing bays and launch complexes. Secure OCC rooms accommodate customer computing equipment with workstations, network interfaces, display and wall monitors, intercom headsets, and individual room access control. Space Prep also offers a command and control system that can be configured to specific spacecraft, missions, or simulations.

Located adjacent to Spacecraft Processing Centers outside hazardous clear areas, each Operations Control Center provides a secure home base for launch campaign teams featuring:

  • Access to office space, conference rooms, and break rooms
  • Secure control rooms with 3-head workstations for 6 operators
  • Adjacent pairs of OCC rooms can be combined to support up to 12 operators
  • Direct video and intercom links to assigned processing bays
  • Large wall displays
  • In-room speakers with configurable audio sources
  • Fiber connectivity to CCSFS networks and commercial carriers for video, data and audio
  • C2 checkout system for flight and payload articles available (or bring your own system)
  • Indoor signage that can be branded as desired by customers during launch campaigns.

Space Prep OCC rooms are available for each large processing bay and reserved on a weekly basis. Additional OCC rooms are available for classified operations, small bays, and other operations such as launch control.

Command, Control, and Checkout System

Our Operations Control Centers offer use of a configurable, secure ground control system for test, pre-launch, and launch operations. The Space Prep OCC Command and Control (C2) system can be adapted to various space missions early in the mission design lifecycle, avoiding the need for significant upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs associated with developing a mission-specific system.

The system software provides ready-to-use data processing algorithms, data archival and retrieval, real-time graphics displays, and an advanced display editor to create custom displays. All Points and customers can create custom mission application software using real-time data fusion, command sequencing, control logic, simulation models, and launch sequences.

This highly affordable solution provides operators with a sophisticated, configurable system that supports real-time command and control, post mission analysis, and simulation for testing and training.


Our OCC C2 simulation environment is fully integrated with the command and control framework for modeling the continuous real-time time behavior of any device, target, or system. Using the simulation graphical user interface, or scripting environment, simulations can be quickly and easily composed into mission scenarios for verification of other systems, mission/operation dress rehearsals, operator training and qualification, and validation of processing algorithms. The system also features a real-time telemetry simulator that provides simple pattern generation, interactive modeling, and automated control sequences.

Launch Sequencer

The integrated launch sequencer is a unique process control program that facilitates automated design and execution of command, control, test, and monitoring activities. It features visualization of the operations process coupled with automated coordination of launch team activities. It makes procedures executable and increases real-time situational awareness for operators during highly intensive launch operations.

The All Points launch support team can configure the OCC C2 system to a particular vehicle or mission, develop and execute training scenarios, develop and run test procedures, support data analysis and retrieval for troubleshooting, and conduct post launch analysis.

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