Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Space Prep is pioneering the business of providing all the launch support infrastructure needed to prepare spacecraft for launch – payload processing, storage, logistics, and control center facilities – at the largest space launch operation in the world on the Space Coast of central Florida.

Space Prep’s location at the Kennedy Space Center gives our customers ready access to all launch pads and launch integration facilities at KSC and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. The KSC location has direct access to launch pads, large runways at KSC and CCSFS, ocean-going barge delivery, rail, and road access. With major hazardous operations facilities sited within the secure KSC perimeter and other facilities located outside the perimeter, including processing cells designed and priced specifically for small satellites or rideshares, Space Prep offers options to accommodate all space missions and payloads.

Space Prep’s Florida location readily accommodates our customers’ missions, hardware, software, and personnel in a single integrated package. Our facilities at KSC provide over 350,000 square feet of work areas with multiple facilities and processing bays accommodating up to 8-meter fairings. Processing facilities include options for fueling, classified operations, and combining and dividing bays according to each mission’s needs. Separate facilities for hazardous and non-hazardous operations avoid hazard clears and safety evacuations that can delay payload processing. A nearby 100,000-square-foot Spaceport Logistics Center provides third-party logistics services, including transportation and heavy movement equipment and temporary or long-term storage of sensitive flight hardware and ground support equipment.

Our KSC location also provides a commercial Operations Control Center and administrative office space, all within a few minutes drive of other Space Prep facilities and the launch complexes. The Merritt Island locations of Spacecraft Processing Centers avoid limitations associated with Indian River bridge crossings between the facilities and launch complexes.

Space Prep facilities at KSC are near hotels, restaurants, and major cruise lines in the heart of the Space Coast. The Orlando International Airport and Orlando Melbourne Airport are less than an hour away.

Space Prep is the only comprehensive commercial solution for preparing your spacecraft for their ultimate journey from KSC or CCSFS.

Vandenberg Space Force Base, California

Our future location at Vandenberg Space Force Base in southern California will offer facilities and services similar to those at KSC. The VSFB facilities will support VSFB missions from facilities on North Base with easy access to all launch complexes.

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Future Facility Locations

Over the next decade, Space Prep will open facilities serving other U.S. launch sites and spaceports worldwide.

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