Space Prep provides a comprehensive suite of spacecraft and payload ground processing allowing satellite, spacecraft, and launch vehicle operators to move space hardware from the factory to the launch pad efficiently and affordably. All missions require some level of pre-launch ground processing, so Space Prep provides a full spectrum of services to prepare your payload for launch vehicle integration and flight — and post-flight if needed.

Assembly and Integration

Space Prep will offer dedicated ISO8/100K cleanrooms and configurable processing spaces that support payload and spacecraft assembly, test, and checkout operations. Each processing cell supports standard power, fluids, gases, hardline and wireless connectivity, and client-specific access security.

All work areas can support enhanced cleanliness and classified operations.

Receiving and Storage

A full-service receiving dock facilitates the delivery and offloading of flight, ground, and support hardware and materials. Space Prep provides areas for high and cold storage, hazardous materials, ordnance handling and storage, batteries, and ESD-sensitive articles. Warehousing allows clients to keep their payloads and support equipment on-site until needed.

A separate Spaceport Logistics Center is also available.


Space Prep supports spacecraft fueling with SCAPE, blast-hardened work cells, certified operators, and equipment decontamination. The service includes fueling/propellant servicing operations, ordnance operations, and protective equipment garments and cleaning. Operations support includes the use of equipment (e.g., fueling skids), garment room, and specialty support contractor engineering and technician support.


A high bay processing area with an overhead crane and access stands supports payload fairing storage and preparation, integrated vehicle processing, and payload encapsulation.

Secondary and Rideshare Payload
Processing Integration

Innovative space missions using smallsats drive demand for more rideshare missions. These missions require flexibility and multi-user launch integration since they often involve multiple payload providers on the same mission.

Space Prep offers a unique approach to rideshare missions that integrates launch site logistics, processing, and personnel support into service packages tailored specifically for smallsat operators and launchers. These packages include access to affordable processing rooms, handling carts and workbenches, tools, and technical services structured so that customers only pay for the time and space needed.

Space Prep facilities support classified and unclassified missions seeking smaller, more affordable solutions than available today, especially those needing rapid and repeatable processing flows. Space Prep can manage the coordination of multiple payload providers, integration of spacecraft onto multi-manifest carriers, and support encapsulation of a mission stack into the payload fairing at our facilities near major launch sites. Our approach relieves launch providers of managing and integrating secondary payload providers during offline processing.

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Spacecraft Processing for
Payloads of All Sizes

Spacecraft Processing for Payloads of All Sizes

Space Prep ensures every customer has access to the spacecraft processing services, environments, and expertise they need for payloads of all sizes. We provide facilities for payloads sized for up to 8-meter fairings.

The first location at Kennedy Space Center is tailored to the needs of small to medium payloads. This industry segment has seen tremendous growth in recent years, so we’re excited to offer our clients a reliable option that helps them gain a competitive edge.

The second location at the Kennedy Space Center will address the needs of missions that involve large payloads, including fueling and encapsulation.

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Partnerships That Lead to Spacecraft Processing Success

We partner with specialty service providers that can fill in any gaps in knowledge and expertise. Some of our most impressive partnerships include:

  • JAS is a global leader in the logistics industry that allows Space Prep to offer affordable worldwide specialty transportation services by road, air, or sea.
  • Clean room and precision cleaning.

We’re here to ensure every space mission’s safety, efficiency, and success. Whether you want to put a satellite into orbit or deliver a payload to the International Space Station, Space Prep scrutinizes every detail to give you an effective spacecraft processing process that matches your needs.

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