Space Prep’s 56,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art “1A” Spacecraft Processing Center at Kennedy Space Center supports small, medium, and large spacecraft ranging up to 5-meter fairings. The facility plan features 85 ft. high and 30 ft. low ISO 8 clean processing areas. The facility layout supports highly flexible configurations of work areas for classified or unclassified operations, segregated support areas such as a control room, offices, and conference room, and separate security-controlled access for each processing area.

Large High Bays.

The high bay area includes 9,600 sq. ft. of processing space between two 5 m individual work cells with 50T overhead cranes, 70 ft. clear hook height, and access via 45 ft. high doors to facilitate easy ingress/egress of flight and ground equipment. It also has 600 sq. ft. of controlled environment high storage to support fairing assemblies and ground support equipment.

Medium Bays.

The low bay processing area features four 1,400 sq. ft. processing bays to support medium payloads and integration of multiple small satellites on a common deployment structure. These medium bays are grouped to provide ease of hardware movement and can be combined to support larger operations.

Small Bays.

The low bay area includes eight 20 ft. x 15 ft. small satellite processing cells suitable for processing multiple cube-, micro-, or nano-satellites.

Each processing area includes accommodations for equipment storage, a private control room, work team space, a conference room, and separate area access security. This segregation facilitates classified activities and customer-desired separation. All processing areas provide a standard suite of services, including electrical power, common gas, and fluid connections, communication, internet connectivity, and environmental monitoring. Movement between individual processing areas is accommodated by a central shared transfer aisle enabling easy access between work areas.

Additionally, common host role services provide each customer access to a tool crib, mix room, basic cleaning, hazardous waste disposal, and standard storage and handling services. Accommodations for unique user requirements, such as special chemicals, cleanliness levels, or classified operations, can be supported as additional services.

Key Features:

  • 56,000 sq. ft. 100K/ISO8 state-of-the-art multi-user processing facility
  • 85 ft. high bay and 50T bridge cranes to support stacking and encapsulation for up to 5 m fairings
  • 65 ft. H x 30 ft. W high bay doors
  • 24 ft. H x 20 ft. W low bay doors
  • Flexible & configurable workspaces tailored for small to medium size spacecraft and payloads
  • Supports small fueling operations (up to 100 lb.) and up to 5 m fairing encapsulation
  • Layout supports easy configuration of work areas for clean or classified operations
  • Segregated support areas for each medium and large processing cell: control room, office, and conference room
  • Separate security-controlled access for each processing area
  • Wide transfer aisle to support hardware receiving and transfer operations
  • RF test chamber
  • T-SCIF accommodations
  • Connectivity to spaceport communications and data network
  • Located within a few miles of major launch and landing facilities
  • Shipping and receiving dock with mezzanine area for expanded storage
  • Low bay viewing into processing bays from secure areas
  • Tall pass-thru doors for each processing bay from the transfer aisle
  • Generous office, work, and storage space for payload customers
  • General production support available:
    • Tool crib
    • Chemical mixing
    • Machine shop
    • Cold storage
    • Hazardous waste collection

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