Providing Transportation Solutions

Space Prep partners with JAS to provide transportation solutions customized for each mission. All Points created a Logistics Integrated Product Team (IPT) to identify logistics requirements for spacecraft and payload processing on Florida’s space coast. JAS Worldwide was selected as a strategic partner on the team bringing over 40 years of transportation, logistics, and distribution experience.

Transportation as Part of Our Process

Our first step in offering logistics services is to understand our customer’s requirements clearly. Each plan is customized to meet the client’s goals and objectives, supported by professionals at every point in the supply chain.

The logistics intake process includes:

  • Design and Optimization
  • Upstream Visibility / Order Management
  • Transportation (air, ocean/barge, truck, rail – domestic or International)
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Contract Logistics (Warehousing)
  • Return Material

Approach I Solution

1. Mission Start

  • Planned arrival to facility (hardware/crew)?
  • Planned mission completion date?
  • Any pre-processing support needed?
    • Equipment pre-staging, warehousing
    • Process area set-ups or configurations for receipt

2. Mission Definition

  • Type(s) or articles to process(spacecraft, payload, experiment, etc)
  • Number of items to process
  • Size of Unit
  • Cleanliness Requirements (ISO8 Standard)
  • Facility areas required – timing/ duration for each
  • Processing activities & flow
  • Operator supplied equipment & Services
  • SPC supplied equipment & services

3. Support Team Planning

  • Number, type and size of support equipment
  • Size of transportation container/structure
  • Service carts: power, fluids
  • Support stands, Lifting fixtures

4. Support Items

  • Number, type and size of support equipment
  • Size of transportation container/structure
  • Services carts: power, fluids
  • Support stands, Lifting fixtures

5. Transportation & Support Requirements

  • Transportation [From – to SPC]
  • On-Load/Off-load: Crane & Rigging, Forklift [At which points]
  • Environmental Covers or Controls: Hard/Soft covers, Conditioning, Filtration, Purges
  • Monitoring – In-Situ instrumentation: Shock, Vide, Temp, RH, etc.

6. Hazards

  • Chemical
  • Power: High Voltage, Batteries
  • Explosives: Pyrotechnics
  • Radiation: Ionizing, Non-ionizing, RF
  • High Pressure Systems

7. Process Support

  • In-facility handling: crane, forklift, air bearing, etc.
  • Labor: scheduling, engineering, technician
  • Fueling
    • Commodity
    • Quantity

8. Logistics Support

  • Receiving Support
  • Chemical pharmacy
  • Mix crib
  • Equipment storage/movement
  • Storage (from-to)
  • Estimated volume
  • Special requirements
  • Transporting planning – service ordering:
  • Road/Rail/Air/Sea
  • Route planning
  • Oversized load support
  • Handing/Load/Off-Load
  • Commodity ordering/delivery

Custom Transportation for Diverse Payloads and Spacecraft

Transportation plays a critical role in successful space missions. Our transportation process starts long before space flight hardware arrives at our facilities. Space Prep works with each customer to create a transportation process that matches their unique needs. This can include using trucks to bring payloads to a launch vehicle integration facility or our warehouses and moving spacecraft from processing areas to launch sites.

We have a variety of on-site warehousing spaces suitable for spacecraft and support equipment storage.

  • We securely store:
    • Classified Storage
    • Hazardous Material Storage
    • Short to Long Term Storage
    • Cold Storage
    • Waste Storage
    • Equipment Storage/Movement
  • Assist with storage logistics by:
    • Scheduling (from-to)
    • Estimating volume
    • Handling special requirements
    • Transporting and planning
  • In addition, provide storage service ordering such as:
    • Road/Rail/Air/Sea
    • Route planning
    • Oversized load support
    • Handling/Load/Off – Load
    • Commodity ordering/delivery

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