Cocoa, FL – Vaya Space and All Points are pleased to announce a strategic partnership. For the first time, a commercial launch vehicle will undergo design, manufacturing, testing, payload processing, and launch—all in the heart of Florida’s Space Coast.

Space Prep, a service of All Points, known for its payload processing expertise, will provide payload processing services for many of Vaya’s launches, beginning in 2026. Vaya’s 3-stage Dauntless rocket, designed to deliver 1100+ kg to Low Earth Orbit, is developed and manufactured in Cocoa, FL, only 20 miles from Space Prep’s planned state-of-the-art payload processing facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

The Space Prep Spacecraft Processing Center (SPC) at KSC will boast over 200,000 square feet of versatile storage space, catering to both conditioned and unconditioned needs, ensuring cleanliness and security. The center will facilitate seamless shipping and receiving operations, accommodate big rig access and parking, and provide comprehensive coordination for both local and global transportation requirements. Vaya and Space Prep intend to work closely to streamline operations, ensuring every payload receives a smooth ride to a precise orbital insertion.

“Space Prep combines state-of-the-art infrastructure with the deep experience and capability of the All Points team, and Vaya is proud to call them one of our strategic payload processing partners,” stated Vaya CEO Kevin Lowdermilk.

 “We are excited about our new partnership with Vaya Space for our upcoming Space Prep launch services facility.,” shared Phil Monkress. “This marks the beginning of an exciting journey as we embark on a transformative partnership that merges our strengths, accelerates innovation, and propels us towards shared success.”

Leveraging Space Prep’s expertise and Vaya’s technology, this partnership underscores a mutual commitment to excellence in space operations and a shared vision for the future of efficient and reliable space travel.

About Vaya Space

Vaya Space is a privately owned company based on the Space Coast and leveraging patented Vortex Hybrid engine technology to disrupt the Space and Defense Markets. For media inquiries, please contact

About All Points

For 27 years, All Points has been a leading solutions provider to a diverse array of government and commercial customers, now with operations in 26 states across the USA. All Points offers development and systems integration in mission critical domains, such as space, defense, and cyber. In 2021, All Points developed Space Prep to focus exclusively on space launch infrastructure-as-a-service. Our dedicated and diverse team has award-winning expertise in payload processing, integrated logistics, modeling and simulation, and other technical specialties. For more information, visit or